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wife fucks a guy in a adult cinema real members stories!

The idea of taking your wife to a cuckold cinema is a new one to me and whilst the Uk doesn't have dedicated porn cinemas for cuckold meets if you were to take your wife into a place like this one thing you can be sure of is getting lots of attention .......well the wife will and you get to watch

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It was something I’d always to try that was to take my wife to a adult cinema and basically sit back and see just what happens, but where we lived there were none local in fact I didn’t even more of any local adult cinemas let alone cuckold ones. Last week I was heading away for a work meeting and knew that this town had a porn cinema so I suggest to the wife she came along for some fun …she was more than game.

The meeting went well but all that the was playing on mind so taking the wife to the adult cinema and knew that she was getting herself ready whilst I was in the meeting. When it finished the other guys wanted to hit town but I had other things on my mind

I got back to the hotel and my wife looked amazing wearing a very short mini skirt and blouse and with no bra on her nipples was clearly on sticking through the thin materiel. Parking up quite close to the adult cinema I suggest she undid a few buttons on her blouse and undoing a few you could clearly see her tits and it was obvious no bra.    

Walking over towards the adult theatre my wife looked more like some hooker I’d pulled than my wife with a skirt that almost showed her arse and blouse that was so far open it didn’t cover anything. We paid for the tickets and headed in and straight away you got the feeling some of the guys were more interested in my wife walking in than the porn film.  We found a seat and within a short time were joined by a young guy sitting quite close.

With her blouse open he could see clearly her tits and moving next to her he leaned  over and reached across and held one of her breast. As she didn’t stop him he was soon holding both tits. She then undid her blouse fully showing of her tits and this was all he needed to move forward and start sucking one of her nipples

He was now surer of himself and whilst sucking her nipple pushed his hand under her skirt and with the moans that were coming from my wife clearly was playing with her pussy. She then opened her legs wide and pulling her skirt up I could see that his fingers were inside her knickers and fingering her.

Kissing her passionately she was gasping in delight and with her top fully open and skirt pulled right up she was almost naked and enjoying his touch as he was rubbing and fingering her pussy that was completely on display now. She reached over and undid his jeans pulling his hard cock out and started wanking him off, this was all he needed for him to get between her legs and placing her legs over the front chair she opened wide for him. He was teasing her by rubbing his cock against her pussy and she groaned out aloud. With a single push he slid his cock straight into her and pushed all the way inside her. He started by fucking her slowly and she was loving every thrust especially as by now we had a few other guys watching and wanking off.

He was fucking her hard and she was moaning each time he thrust into her she then said “fuck I’m cumming” and gasped as she came and he was now fucking her much harder and said  “I'm going to cum inside your wif”  and pushed and shot his load into her filly her pussy with his cum and she moaned loudly. He didn’t pull out straight away and stayed inside my wife till he was soft and then slid out leaning a pool of cum on the seat but I knew inside her was a lot more. After a few minutes, he left and so did we

Once back at the hotel my wife gave me her knickers that had his and her cum all over them and we had fucked for the rest of the night

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