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Want to try cuckold sex, read this story!! ..

My wife and I are new to swingers & sex contacts sites, but for many years I've had this real desire to watch my wife getting fucked by another guy.

After looking at a few website's even found out it had a name called "cuckold" although for ages I though it was Cockold LOL after all what do you do went your watching someone having sex - hold your frigging cock !!
enjoy ...........................

So one night whilst extremely pissed up I told her my little fantasy that I wanted to watch her getting fucked by another guy, at first I thought she'd tell me to fuck off ! but she just smiled and said that it sounded like fun and so long as though he was HUNG she was more than up for it !!

So the next day we chatted about this some more as I wanted to make sure she was still happy to run with this after all tell your wife your a cuckold husband then asking if you can see her getting fucked by other guys is a big thing to take on - more so if the next day while sober you change your mind but that was the case, she was more than ready and even suggested that when we get back from work we both sit down online and check out some of the adult contacts website's   

It didn't take us long before we found this cuckold contacts website and from reading some of the profiles I soon found I was not alone with my little fetish and once signed up as a member we soon knocked up a profile and put some sexy photos of the Mrs along with what we were looking for. After that we hit the adult chatroom's but their didn't seem to be many cockold contacts their so we shut the site down and as it was late decided to go out for a meal

When we got back (a little worse for the drink again) we turned the PC on and noticed a message from the contacts site saying someone had left us a message !!! so we lodged onto the site and found a message from some young guy saying he'd love to meet up and attached a few photos, and from the look in my wife's eyes I could see she was very interested in meeting up and the though of some 20 something bloke fucking the Mrs was enough to say why not.

To my surprise he put his phone number and said if we wanted to as he only lived a few miles away would be up for a meet tonight !! - so even though it was 10 my wife picked up the phone and called him and arranged for him to come round - then promptly poured herself a LARGE drink & one for me she then went upstairs and put on some sexy lingerie I got for her last christmas.

Within the hour we had a knock on the door and in walked "Pete" and from looking at my wife she was more than up to fuck him sensless....... he came in and sat down and told us that he loved playing the roll of a "bull" errrrr? yep a bull that's the name of a guy that enjoys fucking wives while cucks watch

so after a few more drinks I could see that my wife wanted to take things upstairs so I suggested to go up which everyone was up for and once into the bedroom my wife almost though herself at him pushing him back onto the bed and pulling down his trousers and getting her hands on his massive cock.

While all this was going on I wanted to get my video camera out so I could start building up our own little collection of cuckold movies and maybe even try doing some swapping with some other members as I but that was another day right now my interest was watching my wife sucking on Pete's cock! and from the way he was gowning knew he was enjoying every bit of it, plus I knew she was great at giving head

It didn't take long before she was naked and had stripped Pete of but now it was his turn and she was bent over the bed while and his head was deeply buried into her arse liking her cunt out whilst fingering her he then pulled her checks apart and was licking her arse which she adored and the noses she was making sure she came as his tong was going in and out her arse along with his fingers

This was all she could handle and needed to be fucked so rolled over and pulled pete on top of her with her legs and he entered straight inside her, which considering how worked up she was I knew she'd be soaking wet and wouldn't have any problems in getting his fat cock up my wife's tight cunt. To say she was getting a hard fucking would be an understatement and it was all I could do to hold the video camera and wank myself of at the same time and knew next time I'd have to get a tripod sorted

He then pulled his cock out and sat across her chest and told her to open her mouth as he came straight onto her mouth followed by Pete shoving his dick into her whiles she sucked him dry. He then rolled off and we all chatted for a while and asked if I enjoyed his first cuckold fuck, which needless to say I said yes and the way my wife was still gowning on the bed knew she enjoyed it and wanted to carry on

To my surprise he then asked I wanted a threesome but 100% straight as he was not into guys at all - which pleased me and we all got down to a threesome fuck!  

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